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Elite Horizontal Pumping System

  • The Elite Horizontal Pump skids are built to exacting standards for rugged contitions, powder coated for a long-lasting finish, minimizing potential alignment changes during shipping and when in operation.
  • The equipment is laser aligned at the factory and again after installation.
  • Elite H Pump preventative maintenance programs are designed to ensure long trouble-free operation that includes periodic laser alignment checks and Thrust Chamber oil changes.
  • The unique pedestal Thrust Chamber design allows for installation of Elite Thrust Chambers on any vendors H Pump system.
  • Being a self-contained unit the skid communicates wirelessly to the Master Rack Station.
  • The skid comprises booster pump motors and VAF filters.
  • Designed for use with H Pumps, the system can be used on any surface pumping system that would benefit from a fluid filter system.
  • The filter system restrics solids larger than 300 Microns while monitoring the differential pressure across the filters at a set value.
  • Automatically back wash itself into a sludge tank.
  • The skid is plumbed to provide a single connection point at the intake and another at the discharge.

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